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In 2004, L&B Partners was born into the challenge of four young professionals who wanted to combine their legal and financial skills in a partnership aimed at providing high value-added consulting services.

The structure is characterized by high dynamism, a search for continuous innovation and a young and constantly growing team.

Together, these three fundamental elements together represent the strength of society.

Track Record

Schermata 2018-06-20 alle 16.40.53.png

purchased 150 operating photovoltaic power plants installed on rooftops of residential buildings and located in Italy from:

Schermata 2018-06-20 alle 16.41.23.png

acted as Financial Advisor of the Purchaser


Schermata 2018-06-20 alle 16.40.37.png

signed a financing agreement for a total amount equal to € 4,5 Mln aimed to optimize its financial structure with:

Schermata 2018-06-20 alle 16.41.39.png

acted as Financial Advisor of the Borrower


purchased a total of 20,4% shares of

Schermata 2018-06-20 alle 16.40.53.png

from EscoEspe, a company part of the group: 

Schermata 2018-06-20 alle 16.56.16.png

acted as Financial Advisor of the Purchaser


signed a project financing loan agreement for a total amount equal to $ 142,3 Mln, in relation to the construction and installation of 172.890 Renewable Energy Resources in areas not connected to the Peruvian national grid with:

Schermata 2018-06-05 alle 14.56.09.png

acted as Modelling Advisor of tozzigreen.png


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