The firm

We provide legal assistance and advisory, in and out of court, in many areas of law, ranging from traditional to the most innovative fields. Our team of approximately 30 professionals, including 6 partners, will stand by your side providing excellent technical expertise and wide experience in the relevant areas.

We regularly work with our clients assisting them in all their needs relating to commercial and corporate law, specialising in particular in extraordinary transactions. We look after their interests in the context of financing transactions and support them with reference to public and administrative law matters. We provide assistance in the protection and use of industrial and intellectual property rights, as well as guidance in facing future challenges posed by technologies’ evolution and in ensuring the competitiveness of their company. We are at our clients’ side even during challenging insolvency and financial distress periods and in judicial and arbitration disputes.

We are aware that the complexities of the modern economic world require, in addition to well-founded technical competence, in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of the reference sectors. Our firm was indeed born with a strong focus on the renewable and traditional energy sector and we were immediately able to establish ourselves as a top-notch player in the relevant market. Building on the strength of our firm’s market standing, we created multidisciplinary teams dedicated to specific core industries, composed of specialists with wide-ranging skill sets, using an integrated approach to assist clients in every area of law while leveraging their well-rooted knowledge of the specific sector.

We are a modern boutique that believes in the value of tailor-made works, combining attention to details with the ability to capture the bigger picture, delivering in-depth knowledge and efficiency and striving to provide innovative, effective solutions to fulfil our clients’ needs.

Selected deals

Gattai, L&B Partners e Chiomenti per l’investimento di Sofinnova in Nanophoria

16 maggio 2022

Gattai Minoli Partners e L&B Partners avvocati associati hanno assistito Sofinnova Partners, società di life sciences con sedi a Parigi, Londra e Milano, nell’implementazione di un nuovo investimento seed del fondo Sofinnova Telethon nella startup Nanophoria, che sviluppa una piattaforma versatile e non virale basata su nanoparticelle inorganiche per la somministrazione di farmaci. Con sede a Milano, Nanophoria è altresì partecipata dai founder della stessa, ovverosia dal ceo Claudio De Luca e da Daniele Catalucci, Michele Iafisco e Alessio Alogna, assistiti nell’operazione dallo studio Chiomenti.


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Gattai e L&B Partners per l’investimento di Sofinnova in Nephris

21 aprile 2022

Lo studio Gattai Minoli Partners per gli aspetti corporate, e L&B Partners avvocati associati, per gli aspetti relativi ai contratti di ricerca e sviluppo, licenze di brevetti/know-how e trasferimento tecnologico, hanno assistito Sofinnova Partners, società attiva nel settore life sciences, nell’implementazione di un nuovo investimento seed del fondo Sofinnova Telethon nella startup Nephris, che sviluppa terapie innovative per la malattia renale cronica nei pazienti diabetici.


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L&B Partners con Eureka! nei primi investimenti “proof of concept”

29 marzo 2022

L&B Partners avvocati associati ha assistito il fondo Eureka! Fund I – Technology Transfer e Eureka! TT nel finanziamento dei primi progetti “proof of concept” (POC) di università e centri di ricerca italiani di eccellenza, volti a promuovere il trasferimento tecnologico di innovazioni science-based dalla ricerca al mercato, in particolare nel settore dei materiali avanzati e, più in generale, della scienza e dell’ingegneria dei materiali.


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