Private Equity

We assist Italian and international private equity funds, providing advice at every stage of their investment and divestment process, including in multi-jurisdictional cases, in relation to transactions targeting both minority and controlling interests.

We work alongside our clients in the planning, structuring, negotiation and execution of acquisitions (including the identification of the most suitable governance strategies, the definition and negotiation of management incentive packages, the negotiation of acquisition financing contracts, the procurement of the necessary authorisations). We also assist clients in the development of the companies within their portfolio (including under ordinary management and extraordinary finance transactions and add-on acquisitions) and support them in the decisive stage of the divestment, taking care of every aspect of the exit phase. We also promote and manage all processes relating to competitive auctions, in order to maximise value for our clients.

Our professionals, employing a multidisciplinary and integrated approach, have helped a range of leading companies in a wide variety of sectors, including energy, infrastructure, life sciences & healthcare and innovation & technology.

Our knowledge of the economic aspects and mechanisms underlying the investment processes, acquired over many years of collaboration with L&B Partners S.p.A. – a leading financial advisory company we work in close synergy with whenever requested by clients – puts us in the best position to understand our clients’ needs immediately and to support them in finding the most effective and cost-efficient way to optimise their investment.