Energy & Infrastructure

Our firm boasts many years of experience in the Energy & Infrastructure sector, for which we have received several awards.

Our professionals operating in this industry are highly qualified in the field of project finance and of the construction of public works and infrastructures. They offer specialised expertise in the acquisition, financing and refinancing of electricity generation plants based both on renewable and traditional sources, providing assistance, as appropriate, to banks, institutional investors, national and international investment funds and all companies active in the energy sector.

Our professionals also boast specialist knowledge in the management of projects for power plants in the development phase, providing assistance throughout the entire process, spanning from the authorisation request phase to the plant’s construction and commissioning. In this area, we manage discussions with any local authorities involved in the authorisation process on behalf of our clients, as well as discussions relating to the acquisition of land titles. In these cases, we take care of the drafting of all necessary project contracts, including contracts regulating the plant’s construction and operation, as well as its potential transfer.

Within this industry, we have gained considerable experience in projects involving photovoltaic, wind (onshore and offshore), hydroelectric, thermoelectric, biogas, biomass and biomethane, high-efficiency cogeneration plants; storage systems (including stand-alone); energy efficiency projects (including public-private street lighting, energy management projects for real estate assets, distributed generation projects); district heating; gas and natural resources; waste to energy plants; power purchase agreement (PPA) contracts.

We assure a full and structured synergy between our teams, encompassing Administrative Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Banking & Finance, IP & Technology, Competition Law, Litigation, Data Protection & Privacy, so as to offer, both in the out-of-court and in litigation fields, multidisciplinary and comprehensive assistance. This approach makes it possible to analyse specific issues as a whole, framing their peculiarities and weak points and managing all relevant legal issues in a coordinated effort. We also have expertise in the newest legal areas, regarding digitalisation and the use of increasingly sophisticated technologies (such as software, blockchain technology, smart contracts, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence) and in particular in sectors characterised by a strong innovation drive (such as smart industrial processes and e-mobility, energy storage, smart grids, smart buildings, energy efficiency).