Practice areas

Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

We firmly believe that litigation, albeit fundamental, must remain a tool of last resort, reserved for cases when normal business relations have deteriorated to the point that there is no other viable option to pursue. In these cases, we assist our clients, both Italian and international, in a wide range of civil and commercial disputes, in contractual liability and tort law, before courts of law (ordinary and administrative), independent authorities, in arbitration proceedings (administered and ad hoc) and in mediation, conciliation and assisted negotiation procedures.

Our professionals combine well-established skills in the relevant sectors (in particular, in commercial, corporate, industrial and intellectual property, competition, bankruptcy and administrative law) with significant experience in complex and delicate litigation, even in cases spanning several jurisdictions, defending both companies and individuals at every stage and level of the dispute: from the pre-litigation phase aimed at defining the best protection strategy, up to the complete resolution of the dispute, also through the negotiation of expedient settlement agreements.

Our clients also benefit from our litigation expertise in out-of-court activities, so that every strategy, negotiation, structure, contractual clause or legal opinion always takes into account the possibility for clients to exercise their rights, where necessary, as effectively as possible.